Annual Bike Check

On 9th & 10th January the Parents’ Association hosted their annual bicycle inspection.  This was an event open to all students.  Although the Parent Association are not professional inspectors, the intention was to ensure our children’s bicycles are winter proof and safe.  Volunteer parents helped check  55 bicycles from primary and 35 from secondary.  The PA in partnership with a local bike shop created checklists to identify the components legally required. The volunteers completed and reviewed these checklists with the students, which were sent home for parents’ review.

Most bicycles were in good working condition.  A small number of bicycles were identified as requiring immediate attention (poor wheel alignment, components not securely fastened and/or missing lights.)  Several bicycles require improved lighting and additional reflectors; it is essential to keep your children visible.

We thank all those that volunteered to make this a successful event!  These events are impossible without your involvement!