Communication and Office 365

As you will know, we have moved over to new communication systems. SMS is used a lot to register absences etc. and is a very important tool in the secondary. All teachers and pupils have new email addresses, and it has been quite a difficult transition. We are doing our best to make the transition as easy as possible, but it will take some time before everything is working properly – so we would like to ask you to be patient!

All the European Schools have moved over to this new system, and by this time next year we will all benefit from the opportunities in Office 365. It is also planned for parents to have an email address, and that will make communication even easier.

For the time being, please can you make sure that you have the new email address of any teachers you may wish to contact, and the most important one is the class teacher. If your details have changed it is really important that we have the latest information so that we can contact you.

Best wishes,

Steve Lewis