European Baccalaureate 2018

The Bac ceremony took place on Friday 6th July, and in a very full aula everyone was very impressed with the academic achievements of our pupils. As always many former pupils returned to see brothers and sisters, and friends – evidence also of the long-term impact of our system of education and our sense of community.

For the third year in a row the S7 pupils achieved a 100% pass rate, 6 had over 90% and a further 11 had over 80%. These are outstanding results by any standards, showing that we have pupils who are able to reach the very highest possible levels – the top mark of almost 96% was in the top 10 of all the 2100 candidates across the system; and the highest mark in our school in the 48 years in which pupils have sat the Bac in Bergen. With such results some may have the impression that the Bac is not challenging! Far from it – to achieve such results is the culmination of years of hard work and effort by the pupils, and the commitment, motivation and expertise of our teachers. They deserve to share in this success.

Congratulations to every one of our 41 successful candidates this year, most of whom will now be going off to top universities in Europe and beyond in the autumn. We also have some taking a gap year with some interesting work and travel opportunities. We are so proud of them, and they have given the year below a very high target for the next year!

Steve Lewis, Director