European Medicines Agency – Update

We have had a very busy time with the EMA recently. Last week we went to London to the agency and we did a joint presentation to the employees of the agency, and they were very interested in what the European Schools have to offer in general, and what we have in particular. We have had many visits and enquiries from parents already and we are optimistic that many children will come to the school from September 2018 onwards, with the largest group coming in early 2019. We are doing our best to attract families to the region and the NHN development agency has been working closely with us to make it as easy as possible for people to move to North Holland. They have set up a website for EMA families –

At this stage we have no idea how many pupils will come to the school, but we know that there will be around 600 children of school age – we will do our best to attract as many as possible.

There are discussions going on about renovating or rebuilding the school, possibly in another location. The relocation discussion is one which will not be taken by the school and will be decided at the level of the Ministry of Education and the other stakeholders. In any case if relocation is an option, it would not be further away than Alkmaar. We are not aware of any plans to open a European School in Amsterdam, although it is quite possible that there will be more school building in the Amsterdam area. JRC Petten is fully involved in all discussions; and when we have any more news we will let you know.

If any members of the school community have any questions or concerns, or hear anything of interest which we need to know, please contact us using the contact form on the website.

Steve Lewis, Director