Euromarkt 2017

On Sunday May 7th the annual Euromarkt took place at the school. We were very lucky with the weather – it was dry, there was very little wind, and it was even quite warm and sunny later on. The weather helped a lot to boost the numbers who came at all times of the day.

Congratulations to everyone concerned in the organization of this event which showed that we have a really large and committed school community. The PA did a superb job of organizing the event, and there was plenty for everyone to do – and certainly no shortage of delicious food from different parts of Europe and beyond for everyone to enjoy.

This year there were more teachers and pupils at the event than ever before, and the events they were involved in contributed to the variety on offer during the day. A new feature – the cashless system – also made it very easy for everyone to enjoy the day to the full!

Euromarkt is an event which helps to raise funds which are for the benefit of the school – i.e. the pupils, and to be able to do this in such an enjoyable way is a reminder that we do have something very special in this corner of North Holland as we celebrate “Europe Day” at the same time.

So again, many thanks to all the parents, the PA, the teachers, the pupils, the concierges and security staff, and everyone else who was involved in making this such a special Sunday!