Website and calendar

To all members of the school community. What a lot of work it has been at the start of the new school year. We have launched our new school website and we are all learning how to use it. There will be many small changes and we will also develop a second part of the website which you can log into…..but not yet!

One challenge has been the calendar. We have been working on a solution, and now we have found one. Soon the new calendar will be available, and you will be able to print it out in AGENDA view. You will be able to subscribe to it, and also copy it to your other calendars.

As it will take some time for changes to appear on the calendar on the website please make sure that if you want to know the latest news you should check it on Sundays. Then it should be up to date. In the past we have made changes on Fridays, and so the website will update over the weekend.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions on the feedback page!

Best wishes,

Steve Lewis