Act2Aid bakesale

Dear students, staff and parents,
Act2Aid has started the year off strong, we are happy to announce that the Halloween bake sale done on the 23rd of October, raised nearly 280 euros!! Thank you to everyone who participated in the sales and to those who bought our cakes. 250 euros will be donated to help Sulawesi through Giro 555, and the rest of the money will be kept to organise our next projects.
Sulawesi is an Indonesian island which was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami. The money will be used to help those affected by providing clean drinking water, food, mosquito nests and whatever else might be necessary to not only help the people rebuild their lives but also to stop a new catastrophe from happening because of diseases. If you want more information, feel free to giro 555
Thank you for all your donation and supporting our cause,