Last year one of our former students conducted coral research at the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean. Coral reefs have been declining over the past few decades. As part of conservation efforts, she was growing over 300 young coral pieces in so-called underwater gardens in the ocean so they could be placed back on the reefs to help save them.

A very big destructive hurricane hit the island last September. The coral gardens were almost completely destroyed and unfortunately only 12 of the 300 corals pieces survived. In January 2018 Act2Aid, the charity group at the ESB, raised 400 euros by selling beautiful decorated bags! The money raised was used to help rebuild the underwater coral gardens at St. Martin. The proceeds of the sale have been handed over to the Nature Foundation of St. Martin that builds the coral gardens. The foundation is very grateful for the support from the school and they wanted to thank everybody who contributed to raising the funds! They foundation has already set-up new coral gardens thanks to the contribution of the ESB and Act2Aid!


If you are interested in the work of the Nature Foundation on St. Martin please visit their website at:


NEW coral gardens – after the hurricane:

OLD coral gardens – before the hurricane: