Battle of the Bands


With a full bus, 85 people, band members and supporters, we went to The Hague last Wednesday the 16th of November.

Eight bands, four bands from The Hague and four bands from Bergen were battling for the title Battle of the Bands 2016.

Band names and songs from Bergen: Cold water by Apollo 13, Something’s gotta hold on me by Gingerbread, Can’t feel my face by Noname, Shake it up by Rollin.

The winning band of the battle of the bands in The Hague 16-11 2016   is ‘Rollin’ from Bergen with Emil Klemetsö S1(bassguitar) , Milinn Flambeau S2 (piano), Anna Darby S2 (drums), Michiko Foy S2(guitar, vocal). With their own composition of Shake it up.

A special BIG THANKS to the Parents Association who made this possible by their support and financial contribution!

Marieke Ladrak, Music teacher.