Food Bank Alkmaar 2016 – please support this local community project!

Dear parents and students,

For the fourth year and supported by the charity group in the school, Act2Aid, we would like to ask our students and parents to support the very important work of the Voedselbank, or Food Bank, in Alkmaar. From 5th December until 15th, we are collecting food items which will go to people in need in the local area and it will help to bring some basic items to families who are less fortunate than we are.

Please, bring the items in a carrier bag. All kind of food is very welcome, even though the following are the most suitable for the Food Bank:

–       Vegetables in pots or tins

–       Rice

–       Pasta

–       Pasta sauces, curry sauces, ragout sauce

–       Vegetable oil

–       Sugar

–       Jam, peanut butter etc

–       Soup in tins or jars

–       Crackers

–       Tea and coffee, diluting juice

–       Tinned fish or sausages

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, chocolate letters, peppernoten and other treats are welcome.

Please make sure there is a reasonable sell-by date on the goods.

Many thanks in advance for your support with this excellent project, and we hope that as a school we will be able to do something positive for people in our community.