Looking back, looking forwards

The school year 2018-19 has been a positive one for the school with the arrival of many new pupils from the European Schools Agency, and this has brought new challenges for the next school year. For the first time, for example, we have to split classes in the primary, and in the secondary we are now arranging two classes in each year for some subjects and at some levels. Our school numbers for September are at around 600, and this is the highest we have had for many years.

The school year has been a busy one with many interesting activities and opportunities for pupils of all ages. We have participated fully in many projects and events in the system and organized by the school, and there have been many enriching school trips at all levels.

On Friday we had our Baccalaureate ceremony, and it is wonderful to report that all of our pupils passed for the fourth year in a row, and that almost all of them reached the levels required for their universities. We notice more and more how many of our pupils now study in the Netherlands, and due to the uncertainty of Brexit not so many are going to the UK at the moment.

For the past two years we have talked about the possibility of the renovation or rebuilding of the school, possibly in another location. Until now we still do not have any news – hopefully we will be able to inform you after the summer holidays. But whatever is proposed it will take a long time before anything happens. Any proposals have to be agreed by the member states and the European Commission and the member states – so we are looking at years rather than months!

I hope that you will have an enjoyable summer holiday,

Best wishes,

Steve Lewis, Director