Three of our pupils have won a prize at a contest organized by the INSTITUTO CERVANTES in Utrecht.

In April the Library of the Instituto Cervantes in Utrecht advertised a contest for Spanish children aged 5 to 15 who live in the Netherlands. The contestants could either draw a picture or write a text on the topic When you think in Spanish: What do you feel like drawing or writing?

The Spanish teachers at this school encouraged their students to participate. Six of our students handed in pieces of work at the end of May.

Now we are extremely pleased to inform you that three students have received a prize, a primary student MARÍA DIPERSIO NÚÑEZ for her drawing, and two students in S3: JUAN JIMÉNEZ-VILLAREJO DÍAZ for his drawing, and LOYOLA MOYA LAFUENTE for her poem. They attended the award ceremony with their families this past Saturday at the Summer Party that was held at the Instituto Cervantes.