Once upon a time in Bergen…TWALS/SWALS Language 1 Project


Through the fairy tales, to the discovery of our European common values.

Today all the L1 teachers and students without a language section are going to start a cross-curricular language project, a laboratory of creative writing finalized to the production of a book with a collection of fairy tales from all European countries in the different languages of the students.

Half true, half made up, partly touching on our personal memories and experiences, and partly reflecting the history of our communities and societies. With the project we are inviting participants to think about history, memory, and identity in this imaginative way. Not as something given, but as crafted stories…. gripping stories.

The project aims to be a melting pot where we will mix the history, the culture, the tradition and the literature of the participating ones. We want the book to be a meeting point which will strengthen the awareness of our national identity together with the importance of an intercultural dialogue between people, guiding to the building up of social cohesion and the feeling of European common values that become stronger with the integration. Our literary ship will embark on a wonderful European journey where barriers will be broken down.