Summer holidays

After such a busy year it is almost time for everyone to finish, tidy up and leave for the summer holidays. Our S7 students are busy now with their oral Baccalaureate exams and we wish them luck in the final challenges before they sit on the stage on Friday and receive their European Baccalaureate diplomas.

I wish you all a wonderful and enjoyable summer holiday, and if you are leaving our school community I would like to thank you for our time with us, and wish you all the best for the future.

After the decision made by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union we have all been thinking about what Brexit will mean for the European Schools. At the moment we do not know, but hopefully over the summer we will start to have a better idea. What is clear is that it will be years, rather than days or months, that any major changes are likely to happen. Speculation, therefore, can only cause confusion and uncertainty. When we come back I will invite you to a meeting one evening so that we can discuss the issues. We are certainly living in challenging times, but my commitment to our “Europe in a school” remains unchanged.

Over the summer we will start to make the transition to our new emails and the new website will come online – so don’t be surprised if it looks very different soon! We will also publish a draft calendar for the next school year very soon. You already have the holiday calendar. Watch this space for more information!

Happy holidays!